This week’s blog posting arrives in two parts. This first part is a magazine article that describes:

~ the difference between Dandelion Children and Orchid Children

~ why ADHD is really attentional agility and not a deficiency disorder at all

~ how parents, through no fault of their own, often unconsciously damage and delay children’s development

~ why kids from the same family are often so different

~ how to turn human frailty into redemption

~ how to change genes that affect depression, anxiety, ADHD and antisocial behaviors

~ the power of gene-environment interactions

~ how to turn “risk” genes into positive resources

~ how to keep polymorphism (genetic balancing) from becoming problematic

~ how inherited genes + environment can produce either super-success or psychopathy or a hybrid synthesis of both

~ the Stress Diathesis Hypothesis

This is a compelling article written by David Dobbs and published in the December, 2009 Atlantic Monthly. It’s well worth reading – several times – with your own created family and your family of origin in mind. You can find the article  by clicking here:

The Science of Success

Next week I’ll take specific pieces of that article and riff off them from a social neuroscience perspective.  It should be fun, not to mention life-changing for adults and children alike. Consciously doing things intended to optimize success is unquestionably best for the children, especially Orchid Children.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to pass this piece along to the parents, teachers, midwives, and daycare providers in your circle. Increasing knowledge strengthens the foundation of our power.