There’s an awareness practice in Buddhist Psychology known as The Three Noble Principles. I’ve used this practice in many different venues over the years and find it to be a good one to help me recapture a positive focus – in lectures, work settings or just my daily life doings. The Three Noble Principles are: Good at the beginning, Good at the middle, and Good at the end.

Good at the end, in my limited experience, is the most challenging of these three. Class endings, marriage endings, life endings – many of the transitions that life offers us can be challenging to have turn out good at the end.

This week I’d like to invite you to bear witness to Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch, of “The Last Lecture” fame, research and do the hard work of living through an extraordinary, exemplary …

Good at the End.

There are twenty separate video and text links on the above website. I promise your time will be exceptionally well-spent if you use it to watch them all. keep plenty of Kleenex handy.